S No. Tourist Hub Details  
1 Tourist Attractions Hub (Name) Kel
2 Cluster Details (Places around hub) Kel-Arang Kel
Accommodations details (Name with Rooms)
Tourist Motel Kel 09
State Continental 16
Oriental Guest House 08
Forest Lodge 03
Musk Deer Arang Kel 08
Total 28
4 Distance from Hub (In KMs) 05 KMs
5 Distance from Cluster (Various places around the hub) 3-5 KMs
6 Road connectivity (Paka) Muzaffarabad to Margala Kel
7 Road connectivity (Kacha( Kacha track Margala to Kel
8 Facilities in Accommodation Wooden architecture mostly
9 Rooms with attached Bathroom 21
10 Hot water (Yes or No) Yes
11 Electricity  (Yes or No) Yes
12 Cooked Food (Yes or No) Yes
13 Self-Kitchen (Yes or No) No
14 Wifi connectivity (Yes or No) No
15 Mobile phone access (Yes or No) Yes
16 Nearest police station (Name and Telephone Number) Police Chuki Kel 05821 930600
17 Nearest Post office (Name and Telephone Number) Post office  Kel 05821 920639
18 Nearest basic health unit (Name and Telephone Number) THQ Kel 05821 921787  
19 Nearest Airport(operational) (Name and Telephone Number) Nill
20 Nearest Army support  (Name and Telephone Number) 32 Brigade 
21 Pictures inside the accommodation (Send on  “” with Name Available
22 Pictures around the accommodation. (Send on  “” with Name Available
23 360-degree view of outside the accommodation. (Send on  “” with Name   
24 Pictures cluster (Send on  “” with Name   
25 Pictures Hub (Send on  “” with Name  
26 Pictures of handicraft shop (Send on  “” with Name Shops available of local handicraft
27 Pictures of nearest restaurants around. (Send on  “” with Name and Place None of the restaurant available.
28 Recreational facilities around (Send on  “” with Name Kel lake view, Hiking towards Arang Kel, Chairlfit from Kel to Arang Kel  
29 Nearest adventure related activities. Trekking
     30 Contact Number of booking person of Guest House etc 05822 921317,05821 920106
31 Contact Numbers  of local Assistant Commissioner 05821 920806, 035 7606099 (NT Kel)
32 Contact numbers of local Assistant Director Tourism/ ATO/TIC 05822 921317, 0311 5160924
33 Contact number of local transport service/Rent a car service  03558101098 03015187519,03418978269  
34 Contact number of local tour guides with name Mr. Mumtaz  0355 8134638  
35 Contact number of local tour operators with name Sharda Tour & Travel  
36 Contact  numbers of local food providers State Continental Guest House
37 Contact number of local Destination management organization (DMO) Nil
38 Contact number of local singer Khan Aalam  Kel
39 Contact number of local story tellers  
40 Contact number of any local sports man Naseem Iqbal, Polo Player