Jehlum Valley

Jehlum Valley

This is an ideal valley both the domestic and international tourists. The curling river Jhelum passes through from east to west between the high green mountains of this valley and joins the river Neelum at domel near Muzaffarabad city.

A 59 Kms long metal road runs along the river Jhelum from Muzaffarabad to Chakothi, which is located adjacent to line of control (LOC). Buses & wagons ply on this route regularly while the route also used for Muzaffarabad Sri nagar trade.

Gharhi Dopatta:

It is 24 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The town surrounded by mountains is located on both sides of river Jhelum. Educational, medical, telephone, accommodation and shopping facilities are available here. AJK Government has established here an “Extension Services Management Academy (ESMA)”, which provides training facilities of international level. Some private hotels are available according to the local standard.


At a distance of 51 Kms from Muzaffarabad and surrounded by high hills, it is situated on the left bank of river Jhelum. The entire basic facilities viz. bazaar, hospital, education, post office, banks, telephone and some private hotels are available according to the local standard.


Chakothi, 8 Kms ahead of Chinari, is a border village. Only domestic tourists can visit this area. Some private hotels are available according to the local standard.


This beautiful summer station at a distance of 46 Kms from Muzaffarabad is situated on top of the mountain,with an altitude of 1607 meters above the sea level on the southern side of Muzaffarabad. A road branches off at Dhanni Baqallan, a place about 33 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and leads to Chikkar, which is at an elevation of 1828 meters. The outstanding features of this beautiful place are its healthy climate and picturesque surroundings. Standing over the hill, one can have a fascinating view of the sub-valleys. AJK Tourism Department has constructed a tourist Motel here located 03 Kilometer from Chikar Bazar. Some private hotels are available with good standard.

Zilzaal Lake:

Due to the devastating earthquake of October 8th 2005, like other areas of AJK, the areas in Jhelum Valley also witnessed massive devastation. Four villages namely “Curli”, “Bhat Shir”, “Lodhabad” and “Padder” located in between Chikkar and Bani Hafiz were reported to be completely destroyed when the mountains collided very badly and got converted into heaps of rubble burying about 575 people underneath.

The collapsed mountain peaks and the rubble of the four villages blocked the natural flow of the water which resulted in the creation of a natural Lake stretched over an area of about 3 Kms. This newly born lake was named as “Zilzaal Lake” and now it has gained great deal of popularity among tourists. it is situated with an altitude of 1570 meters ASL and tourists can be enjoying on boating on this lake. Some private hotels are available with local standard.

Loon Bagla:

10 Kms from Chikkar, situated at an altitude of 2011 meters above sea level, it is another worth seeing hill station in the middle of dense green pine forests and is linked by a fair weather road. The ordinary requirements of life are available in the small bazaar.


It is located about 5 Kms ahead of Loon Bagla. This place is surrounded by Silver Fir forests. Its high altitude of 2071 meters and beautiful landscape has a special attraction for tourists. An experimental station for the proliferation of medicinal herbs has also been established at this place. The beautiful tourist spot Sudhan gali can be visited from this place which is approximately 8 kilometer uphill. Some private hotels are available according to the local standard.


Amidst Muzaffarabad to Kohala, a road bifurcate the highway and leads to Danna, crossing the labyrinthine roads. Danna is known for its healthy climate and alluring scenic beauty with an altitude of 1447 meters above the sea level. A tourist rest house is available for accommodation. From here one can go to Dheerkot, a known hill station in District Bagh. Some private hotels are available according to the local standard.