Registration of Tour Guides

Tour Guides


See Rule 5(1)



1. Name of the person: _________________________________________________


2. (a) Business address (if Registered, give registered address). _________________

    (b) Residential address _______________________________________________


3. Year of establishment _______________________________________________

a) Telephone number with number of lines._________________________________

b) Cell phone/fax /email address._________________________________________

c) Telephone number (residential) ________________________________________

4. In what category(s) license is required ___________________________________

5. (a) Educational qualifications. __________________________________________

    (b) Experience as tourist guide._________________________________________

    (c) Knowledge of foreign languages. _____________________________________

    (d) Training, if any, from a recognized institute _____________________________

6. Name of banker (Please attach reference from Bank ________________________

7. Name address of auditors/consultants, if any. ______________________________

8. Number of staff category-wise employed or proposed to be employed with

    qualifications and experience. __________________________________________

1.    Capital invested (Please indicate clearly the paid-up capital and enclosed certificate of appropriate authority in support of your statement _______________

2.    Whether any other activities are proposed to be under taken? If so, in what fields?


3.    Please state if you or your partner, if anyone have been convicted of an offence, if  

so please give details. _______________________________________________



I/we hereby solemnly declare that all the particulars given above are correct.

I/we hereby solemnly declare that if a license is granted to me/us, I/We will abide by the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Travel Agencies Act, 2018 and the Rules made their under the terms of the license granted to me/us, and the code of conduct.



                                                                                        Signature of Applicant

 Registration Form for Tour Guides  





{See rules 5(3) & rule 7}



1. License Fee _------ the fee payable for issue of license is Rs.5000/

2. Renewal fee:--------the fee payable for renewal of license is Rs.5000/- (annually)